Yoga at the Workplace

Yoga at the workplace

Energize your employees and create a productive workplace with on-site yoga

Health and wellness has never been more important to employers and employees alike. The benefits of yoga at your workplace will encourage and help facilitate a more energetic, cohesive, and productive environment. A positive and optimistic outlook can lead to positive results at the bottom line. Our yoga sessions can be tailored to be low-intensity (but without skimping out on the benefits) so your employees can even do yoga in their work clothes and return to work immediately after the session.

Reduce stress and anxiety as well as increases productivity

Create a fun, relaxed workplace

Reduce stress-related sick occurrences

Relieve head, neck, and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and work-related injuries from repetitive motion

Improve employee alertness

Build teamwork

Encourage health and wellness throughout the organization

Yoga sessions

From creating a sense of comradery to improving concentration and productivity, contact My Place Yoga for customized workplace yoga sessions, whether on a one-time basis or on a reoccuring schedule as part of a greater employee wellness program. Our yoga sessions can fit into one-hour lunch breaks or as part of after-hours programs. In addition to providing yoga sessions at your campus (usually any large room will do), we can also lead yoga sessions off-site at corporate retreats.

Everything is included with My Place Yoga, including a customized yoga plan, yoga instructors, yoga mat rentals, music, water bottles, and setup and clean up. Contact us for details and pricing.

“Having regular yoga sessions in the office has become something that all of us look forward to and really value”